Welcome to the site and we hope you enjoy looking around at the many pictures, documents and memories within this website. We would love to hear your comments, but we would especially love to hear from people who want to share their memories of the hospital, and welcome contact from former staff and patients, and anyone connected with the hospital.

We are always keen to receive new photographs or copies of documents, from the hospital. Please get in touch with us if you have anything you can let us use on this website. We can always scan any documents or photographs that you have, returning the originals to you.

Tony Kinson & Richard Howe worked at Bexley Hospital in the early to mid 1980's and have kept in touch, often talking about the fact that there seemed to be no information about the hospital on the internet. They discussed the idea of putting a website online, and in late 2004 Tony offered to build the web-site, and Richard took on the task of making contact with various people who could provide pictures. After lots of chasing, research, scanning and late nights stuck in front of the computer, the site went live in October 2006.

Tony Kinson - Website concept, site design & build, website updates & maintenance, design of site graphics, scanning & photo restoration, reproduction of documents and research

Richard Howe - Website concept, research & assisting with site development & running the Bexley Hospital egroup

Tony & Richard wish to thank: Russell Cartwright & Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust for letting us have access to photos & documents, Britta Von Zweigbergk , Robert Hunt, Nigel Watts & Gordon Jones for the photos, and Sarah Pat O'Brien for the photos & memories.
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