There have been some updates to Britta von Zweigbergk's website - including some new photos of the hospital and a new blog section, consisting of edited extracts from a journal Britta kept from the winter of 1984 - that will be regularly updated.
[Updated June 2017]

Britta Von Zweigbergk, who worked as art therapist at Bexley Hospital, and has written several books, including "The Village on the Heath - A History of Bexley Hospital" (2004) and "Tony’s Peace" (2010) has updated the Bexley Hospital sections on her website.

There is now a section dedicated to the Art Therapy Department.

Britta's Bexley Hospital Archive page is dedicated to Cedars Charge Nurse, Dudley North, who sadly passed away in February 2016.

[Updated June 2016]

4 new pictures have been added to the The Wards & Hospital Buildings page. Local artist and illustrator Rob Leach from Joydens Wood kindly supplied scans of some of his watercolour paintings of Bexley Hospital, painted shortly before its demolition.

Rob writes "The boarded up scenes were my fascination at how quiet and sad the building looked. Its eyes - the windows, all boarded up and here and there a board had been taken off by someone getting into the building. I think there were many kids going in there.

These were painted only months before it was pulled down. The one with the long grass reminded me of the artist Hopper who painted buildings in a mysterious feel, nature taking back over ,the grass standing really high.

The other two were painted in 2000. I believe there was just one ward open, the one with the figures in front of the red bench.

Having known the mysterious tower all my life it seemed incredible that this beautiful building in a lovely setting was going to disappear. I felt very strongly the urge to capture the feel of the place before it was gone forever." [April 2010]

Memories of Bexley Hospital now has its own Facebook page. [March 2010]
We hope you like the site re-design. [October 2009]
New pictures added to The Wards & Hospital Buildings & The Hospital Grounds now pages. [October 2009]
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